What is "Androfen"?

Androfen™ key active ingredient is proven to boost free and bioavailable testosterone levels, as well as increasing libido and muscle mass while reducing body fat.  In human clinical trials, the key active ingredient was shown to Increase free testosterone, Boost sex drive and Performance, and Promote muscle health


What is "Free Testosterone"? What does it do?

Testosterone is a hormone that is produced primarily by men through their testes. It is responsible for inducing and maintaining male secondary sex characters such as increased muscle, bone mass and hair growth as well as libido or sexual drive. Free testosterone is testosterone in the blood stream and is testosterone that is bioavailable.

When do Testosterone levels start to decline?

By the time men reach their mid-late 30's their testosterone levels naturally begin to decrease by 1-3% each year. By age 60, 20% of men will have significantly lowered testosterone levels which may impact energy, mood, libido, muscle mass maintenance and bone density.

What are the effects of declining testosterone?

Low testosterone levels have been linked to:

Weight gain

Loss of muscle mass



Low sex drive

Loss of bone mass

How fast will Androfen® work?

With just two capsules a day, the compound in Androfen™  (along with exercise) is clinically shown to help increase the body's free testosterone in just six weeks. In addition, in clinical studies, it was shown that 85% of test subjects self-reported an improvement in sexual desire.

Are there other ingredients in Androfen™?

Yes, each daily dose of Androfen™  contains a proprietary "Male Performance Blend" of  and beneficial herbs such as, T-foenum-graecum  known as Fenugreek (seed) extract, Tribulus Terrestris (aerial parts & fruit) extract,  tongkat ali (root/rhizome) extract. To help support enhanced male health and well-being, along with a fast acting energy blend of vitamins to boost your energy and performance.

What are the benefits of Androfen for men?

Testosterone levels do not decline because we age – we age because testosterone decline. Androfen™ will relieve your signs of low testosterone levels back to the range we experienced in our youth.  After about age 25, testosterone production begins to slow down. Less testosterone is being produced by the body each year.

Androfen™ benefits for men results in:

1.     Fat Reduction: fat in the abdomen melts away as testosterone therapy promotes fast metabolism and aids in re-contouring the body.

2.     Improve Mental Functions: Mental sluggishness is one of the signs of low testosterone, and Androfen™ can improve alertness, memory and return your youthful focus and drive.

3.     Improve Strength, Stamina and Energy: Androfen™ reverses the signs of low testosterone and restores youthful levels so you feel energetic – fatigue becomes a thing of the past.

4.     Improve Libido, Sexual Drive, Desire and Vigor: Experience full-throttle return of sexual desire and performance. This is one of the most welcomed aspects of using Androfen.

5.     Fast Muscle Growth and Recovery: If you have lost muscle mass due to illness, injury or de-conditioning while your testosterone levels were low, muscle mass can be recovered more quickly with the use of Androfen.

Are there any side effects for take Androfen™?

There are no known side effects if taking Androfen™ as directed, but as with any supplementation, individuals should seek advice of your doctor prior to altering their dietary and exercise regimens.


We recommend you consult your health care provider if you are taking prescription medications at the time you would like to use Androfen™. 


It is safe to take 2 to 4 tablet of Androfen™ per day.  Take Androfen™ with 8 – 10 oz of cold water on an empty stomach. This allows Androfen™ to absorb into the blood stream quicker for faster results.


The expiration date is stamped on the bottom of the box. 


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